Jungle Powders

Jungle Powders Black Ant Extract Powder 30:1 Concentration, 94 Servings

  • Natural Performance Support - Black ant extract is regarded as the Herb of Kings, true pinnacle of Chinese herbalism. Black Ants live up high in the mountains where the air is pure and are often found among ginseng roots. Also known as black carpenter ant, this powder may improve your daily wellbeing, stamina, energy and physical strength.
  • Supports a Healthy Mind - Contains compounds which may improve focus, mental clarity, and memory retention, making it an ideal supplement for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to boost their cognitive function.
  • Powders Beat Capsules - Unlike capsules, which can be difficult to swallow and may take longer to digest, Black Ant Powder is a fine powder that can be easily mixed into water or other beverages. This allows for faster absorption and better bioavailability of the active ingredients, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from each serving.
  • Sourced from Nature - Black Ant Powder is a single ingredient product because we always aim to keep our products as close to the nature as possible. No additives, preservatives, GMO free, gluten free, soy-free. Keep in mind that black ant powder has distinctly strong, earthy taste which most people obviously are not fond of.
  • 3 Month Supply - Each package of Black Ant Powder contains enough product to last for 3 months, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to support your wellness. Whether you're looking to improve your physical performance, support your mental function, Black Ant Powder is an excellent choice.