Real Berries

Fruits and berries come in a variety of beautiful colors and tastes. So do our powders! Just a single spoonful can transform your whole dish!


We source high-quality raw ingredients and freeze-dry them to preserve all their benefits. This allows us to create superfood powders that are easy to use and contain a lot of valuable nutrients!

No Added Sugar

Jungle Powders' products have no added sugar, preservatives or additives and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians.

Jungle Powders Organic Black Raspberry Powder 5 Ounce / 141g Bag, Powdered Freeze Dried Black Raspberries For Smoothies, Additive Filler Free Black Raspberry Extract for Baking Rasberries Smoothie USDA Organic


Jungle Powders Organic Raspberry Powder 5 Ounce / 141g Bag, USDA Organic Freeze Dried Raspberries from Whole Berry for Baking, Additive Filler Free Red Superfood Extract Rasberries Smoothies Organic Dehydrated


Jungle Powders Wild Blueberry Powder Organic 5 Ounce / 141g Bag, USDA Certified Freeze Dried Organic Blueberries Powder for Baking Flavoring Smoothies, Additive Filler Free Superfood Extract from Whole Berries


Jungle Powders Organic Blackberry Powder 5 Ounce Bag, USDA Certified Freeze Dried Blackberries Powder for Baking Whole Blackberry Juice Additive Free Extract For Flavoring Jello Puree Concentrate


Jungle Powders Peach Powder 3.5 Ounce / 100g Bag, Powdered Freeze Dried Peaches No Sugar Added, GMO, Additive and Filler Free Peach Flavoring Extract for Baking


Jungle Powders Freeze-Dried Black Currant Powder 5oz / 141g


Jungle Powders Organic Lemon Juice Powder 5 Ounce / 141g Bag, Soluble Powdered Lemon Fruit Juice Powder, Crystallized Lemon Powder Extract For Baking, 35 Servings Dehydrated Dried Lemon Powder For Smoothies


Jungle Powders Wild Bilberry Extract for Eyes USDA Organic 3.4 oz Liquid Bilberry Anthocyanin Supplement Vegan Alcohol-Free European Blueberry Vaccinium Myrtillus High Bioavailability Liquid Extract


Enjoy Experimenting!

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